Launching ‘Tic Tac Toast’

With a minor latency of 2 months, this is the announcement of the launch of my first Android App, ‘Tic Tac Toast’. Tic Tac Toast is a simple version of the classic Tic Tac Toe game, featuring a Toast and a Cookie as player icons.

It is meant to be an experiment. On Google Play, I have seen many Apps with only a few features, poor graphics and awful description texts that have reached 1000+ downloads and more over time. I want to investigate if an App as simple as mine can achieve this as well.

In the 2 months the App was up, I noticed that downloads numbers did not skyrocket quite as expected. I started off with 10 days without a single download and have only reached 11 by now. I saw a minor improvement when i added an advertising graphic and an advertising text. However, I do not intend to promote this App any further (apart from writing about it right now).

We’ll see if it will go viral…

Check it out:


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